Birth Control - The Benefits Of Modern Contraceptives.

Birth Control Pills

The term "birth control" was coined to describe the methods used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Nowadays, more and more women are getting pregnant. However, not all these women wanted pregnancy, which is why they are ending up depressed. Abortion is not legal in several countries, which is why it has become tough to deal with unwanted pregnancies. Today, the good thing about it is that there are birth control methods that can be used to avoid unwanted pregnancies as much as possible. One of the most efficient and most accessible birth control methods is oral contraceptive pills. Birth control pills are used by 28% of women  who are engaged to sexual activities.

Today, there is a wide range of birth control pills that can be taken by women. Medications such as Alesse and Yaz are used to prevent ovulation. However, recent studies suggest that birth control pills are not the most effective method for the prevention of unwanted conception. Basically, birth control pills deliver a combination of synthetic estrogens and progestins. Some contraceptive pills only have progestin. Nevertheless, both have the aim of blocking ovulation.

The Prevalence Of Using Modern Contraception Worldwide

The use of modern contraceptives is prevalent in the developing countries. However, countries may vary according to their use of these contraceptives. Also, there are different number and range of choices available to each user. There are different methods used for these, but all contraceptive pills aim to help women not get pregnant. By reducing unwanted pregnancies, contraceptives provide health and social benefits for women. Modern contraceptive pills such as Yasmin, also help women improve their roles in the society and the economy. This gives them the chance to participate in the society and have a better, more successful life.

On the other hand, there are studies suggesting the link between the use of oral contraceptives and the reduction of libido. As a matter of fact, this same principle reduces acne incidence among women. You must know that all combination birth control pills are known to be antiandrogenic. In return, it elevates the levels of the protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). It tends to reduce free testosterone. Nonetheless, it is still unclear if the combination pills will directly involve sexual dysfunction in women taking them.

Are Side Effects Of Contraceptives Extensive?

Even if a woman uses contraceptive pills such as Mircette, the side effects are minimal to none. However, it is important to take note that not all women have the same response when taking these medications.

Nevertheless, even if they have different responses when using this medication, there are only a few problems involving these. In the event that oral contraceptives like Levlen poses threat to one's health, for example, blood clots, it is important to seek help from a doctor right away. There are other birth control methods to consider if a woman is having a hard time taking oral contraception.

Modern contraceptives offer quick relief to every woman who wants to prevent unwanted pregnancy at all cost. Its popularity extends all around the world. Today, most women are aware of not getting pregnant, especially if they are not ready yet. With so many contraceptive choices in the market today, women will definitely get the independence and go on with the lives they want.

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