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Lukol is the medicine of choice for women suffering from the condition known as leukorrhea. This pertains to the whitish discharge similar to what women may exhibit just before menstruation. With 23 different herbs all packed into one pill, Lukol can help women to prevent any abnormalities in the reproductive system. Also, its antimicrobial elements fight off leukorrhea, while its tonic properties help in the improvement of uterine circulation.

Lukol should be taken according to the patient's need. However, if you want to get the best out of the efficacy of this particular medication, consult your doctor first. Even though this medication is totally safe to use, your doctor will tell you about the right dosage that is suitable for you. Never take this medication without seeking help from your doctor first. Because Lukol is made from different herbs, the possibility of acquiring side effects is narrow. This is generally safe for everyone's use, as long as you will seek the help of your doctor.

In addition, this medication is a good option in exchange of conventional medicines. Because it comes from herbs. You will unlikely experience any adverse reaction. Lukol is an amazing way to treat your condition such as leukorrhea. By the maintenance of normal discharge, you are sure to eliminate any risks that it might cause. This medication offers the best way to avoid any feeling of discomfort brought by leukorrhea. Furthermore, it is the most convenient method of maintaining your overall health.

What Are The Symptoms And Indications Of Use Of Lukol?

Because Lukol is made from 23 different herbs coming in powdered form, there is an issue regarding oxidation, exposure to light and fungal spore infection. Because this medication is basically a mixture of different herbs, there are no exactly known symptoms that it poses to users. Lukol is not known to have any symptoms as far as the users are concerned.

On the other hand, Lukol is indicated for women with leukorrhea, a condition wherein the vagina has a thick, yellowish-white discharge. Also, other symptoms associated with leukorrhea such as back pain, malaise and pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated by taking Lukol. Even patients with non-specific leukorrhea can have benefits from this medication.

Key Ingredients Of Lukol

Lukol has different herbs, but there are key ingredients that make up the majority of this supplement. The three major ingredients of Lukol are asparagus, spreading hogweed and fire flame bush. These are the best ingredients that can be found in Lukol, and basically, these three also have the properties that prevent leukorrhea and facilitate relief from pain.

What Is The Ideal Dosage Of Lukol?

Lukol tablets are taken two times each day by women until the symptoms are relieved. Each tablet of Lukol contains Ela 22mg, Nagakesara 22mg, Jeeraka 20mg, Chandana 20mg, Dhataki 80mg, Kokilaksha 80mg,Hyamaraka 10mg, Guggulu 10mg, Loha bhasma 10mg, Shilajitu 18mg, Pravala bhasma 14mg, Bilva 10mg, Shatavari 80mg, Sarpagandha 40mg, Punarnava 20mg, Triphala 10mg, Maricha 10mg, Trivanga 10mg, Palasa 8mg, Asaka 20mg, Puga 40mg, Jatiphala 32mg and Sunthi 10mg. Women who are between the 25-55 years age group suffering from leukorrhea and other related diseases can take Lukol.

Also, one pack contains 60 tablets. This should be finished until the last tablet to anticipate optimum results. If you have relieved and get comfort even if there are more tablets in the package, make sure to finish it. There are chances that you may suffer from the same condition in the future if you prematurely stop taking the medication according to what your doctor has prescribed.

Today, Lukol can be purchased in several online stores. However, before purchasing this medication, make sure to know if the website where you will buy it is legitimate. There are websites that offer counterfeit items such as medications, which may pose adverse effects to you. If you want to ensure that this particular drug is safe for consumption, seek help from your doctor.

Buy Lukol Online