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Prometrium is derived from yams. This medication is considered a natural bioidentical hormone. Because it is also FDA confirmed, many insurance plans will cover this project. Prometrium is assigned in a pill form in 100 mg and 200 mg doses.

Prometrium is also aimed at helping with both sleep and in the reduction of "hot flashes" for women in peri-menopause and menopause.

Prometrium belongs to the class of progestin-based meds. Prometrium is applied in the combination with postmenopausal estrogen replacement therapy (shortly known as ERT) to prevent the estrogen from thickening the lining of the uterus. This drug drastically decreases the risk of endometrial cancer. This medication is used for women who have a uterus condition.

Your healthcare specialist may have recommended this medication for conditions other than those listed among indications. Only people who have consulted with a specialist may take Prometrium no prescription pills.


Prometrium is necessary when there is a need to:

  • decrease the risk of endometrial cancer;
  • treat of endometrial hyperplasia;
  • prevent the estrogen from thickening the uterus' lining;
  • to treat a uterus condition in women;
  • to cure uterine bleeding;
  • to treat perimenopausal symptoms;
  • to avoid progesterone insufficiency;
  • to cure amenorrhea;
  • to treat endometrial hyperplasia;
  • to avoid prophylaxis.


The advised daily dose of Prometrium is 200 mg. The intake must be applied at bedtime.

The therapy with Prometrium pills should last up to 2 weeks during the last days of the estrogen treatment during the whole a formerly regular menstrual cycle of a woman. Only adults can use Prometrium pills. Adolescents and children can't apply these pills. Breast-feeding and pregnant should avoid taking Prometrium.

People with kidney or liver problems should consult with a doctor before using Prometrium, since their dosage should be reduced according to their condition.

Women who take high doses of estrogen should receive Prometrium in the amount of 300 mg per day. If the daily dose is 300 mg there must be 2 intakes. Take 200 mg of Prometrium pills at bedtime, on an empty stomach, and 100 mg two hours after getting a breakfast for the last 2 weeks of the cycle.

If you are using Prometrium 200 mg daily and miss a dose of this medication at bedtime, then use an additional dose of 100 mg (it is 1 capsule) on the next morning and keep to scheduling. If you are applying Prometrium in the dose of 300 mg daily and miss a dose, skip the intake time and then stick to the original schedule. Do not take a double dose instead of missed intakes of Prometrium.

Dosage's adjustments for Prometrium like for any other similar pills should be given only by a healthcare specialist.

Many things can affect the intake of Prometrium like:

  • body weight;
  • different estrogen-replacing medications;
  • level of activity.


  • An allergy to progesterone or peanuts;
  • Pregnancy;
  • A history of blood clots (caused by pulmonary embolism or a vein thrombosis);
  • Tumor dependent on progesterone or estrogen;
  • An active liver disease;
  • Classical aura-based migraines;
  • Endometrial hyperplasia;
  • A heart attack or nay active heart disease;
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Buy Prometrium Online