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Plan B is a medication used to prevent ovulation, It contains the female hormone known as levonorgestrel. This drug makes way for the uterine lining and the cervical mucus undergo changes. That being said, the sperm will have a hard time reaching the uterus and unite with the fertilized egg. This medication is used for the prevention of pregnancy following a sexual affair without any protection. If you are already pregnant, do not use this medication. This will result for your pregnancy to be terminated. Likewise, it is not ideal as a routine form of birth control. It must not be used that way. If you want to know other birth control methods, you must seek an advice from your doctor.

It is also important not to give any Plan B to anyone younger than 17 years old. Before taking the pills, you have to make sure to go to your doctor. In addition, levonorgestrel, which is the active ingredient of Plan B, may pass into the breast milk. This, in return, could harm the baby. Never use this medication without any prior knowledge of your doctor if you are breast-feeding. Take Plan B according to what your doctor prescribed. As soon as an unprotected sex takes place, take the first dose. For the medication to be effective, timing is essential.

What Are The Symptoms Of Plan B And Its Indication Of Usage?

If you have any problems when taking Plan B, you have to get emergency help right away. Seek help from your doctor if in case you manifest any of the symptoms mentioned here:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in the stomach
  • Headache
  • Breast tenderness
  • Changes in menstrual cycle

If in case you manifest a severe pain in the lower stomach, you have to contact your doctor immediately. This may be a case of a tubal pregnancy, which is a medical emergency.

Regarding the indications of use, Plan B should be used exactly as prescribed on the label, or as what your doctor directed. Make sure to use the medication only in recommended dosages. Never take it in larger amounts. Make sure to take the first dose of Plan B following an unprotected sex.

What Is The Right Dosage Of Plan B?

Women who are engaged in sexual activities, but do not want to get pregnant, should use Plan B. The age of the women who can use this is not definite, but they must be active when it comes to sex. Plan B contains 1.5mg of levonorgestrel, which is the active ingredient in preventing pregnancy.

Within 72 hours of unsafe sexual encounter, take one pill of Plan B by mouth. The efficiency of the pill is better if it will be taken as soon as possible following an unprotected sexual intercourse. Afterwards, the second tablet must be taken 12 hours right after the initial dose. This medication can be used at any time all throughout the menstrual cycle. Nevertheless, if vomiting takes place within the first two hours of taking the medication, you can repeat the dosage. In case you missed a dose of this medication, contact your doctor right away. A missed dose of Plan B may increase the risks of becoming pregnant.

In addition, the timing of this type of medication is utmost important for it to be effective. Prior to using this medication, you have to likewise tell your doctor about the other medications you are using. Other drugs such as rifampin, barbiturates and seizure medications may affect the efficacy of this medication. Likewise, Plan B will not protect from from sexually transmitted illnesses, including AIDS and HIV. Use a condom if you want to be safe from STDs.

Buy Plan B Birth Control Online